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Disinfecting and Sanitizing for our commercial and residential clients!

We are proud to announce the addition of our newest disinfectant product locally made from the SAFE Disinfectant Company, which is an extremely powerful solution with the active and natural ingredient called HOCI, which is chemically identical to what humans produce in the blood when fighting an infection or a virus. That is what makes it so SAFE. This product has improved our cleaning routine tremendously, offering 360 degree coverage using professional electrostatic sprayers and misters. It has our entire team at Custom Cleaning Solutions pumped up, for what it can do, how it’s used, and most importantly how safe it is for people, pets, plants and the environment!

We have recently partnered with the SAFE Disinfectant Company that manufactures this amazing sanitizing and disinfecting product. HOCI is nothing new, it has actually been around for over 150 years but only recently perfected using a patented Canadian invention. It’s been mostly popular in other parts of the world, especially England, for many different uses! Here in Canada, some uses are: commercial and industrial, institutional, horticultural, agricultural, food and beverage. The SAFE Disinfectant is far superior than anything we have seen on the market due to its safe nature and versatility!

It has been approved by Health Canada and in the US as a commercial grade disinfectant and therefore has a DIN. It is also independently proven effective to kill COVID and other dangerous pathogens. It is on the Canadian and Us approved Covid list!

The SAFE Disinfectant has many advantages – some of the key benefits include:

  • The “Kill” rate is at least 80 times that of bleach and alcohol products that are sold in the supermarkets.
  • It kills spores, while alcohol does not.
  • It’s shelf life is much longer than other HOCl products because it is “Stabilized”, which is the
  • advancement made by Canadians to earn a world-wide patent. It is SAFe for everyone, humans, animals and plants.
  • It doesn’t cause mutations of pathogens the way other products do. It just kills them or reduces the quantity, this is especially important when dealing with viruses that spread so easily and in high traffic areas where exposure to many people is high!
  • Also, this product is safe to apply to any surface that can withstand water and alcohol and truly fragrance free for even the most scent sensitive people!

With greater efficiency, we now offer sanitizing and disinfecting as a stand alone service or as an add on service as part of your regular cleaning routine. We have a “Reset Program”, in which we can sanitize your premises so that the next time your staff enter it, they know that it is pathogen free. This will complement our cleaning efforts for our residential but also our commercial and air bnb clients. For our commercial clients, implementing regular disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning measures will provide their inhouse employees and their visiting customers additional assurance and peace of mind, knowing their safety is a priority. The sprayers or misters can be used to sanitize hard surfaces like doors, door handles, cabinet handles, appliances, sinks, counters, desks, tables, chairs, handles, light switches, washroom facilities, showers, gym equipment, product containers (plastic or glass), keyboards, keypads, remotes, floors ect.

This will bring great value in the effort to reduce the spread of COVID and the fight against all pathogens; bacteria, viruses and spores.

We also offer the disinfecting equipment and products for sale to businesses that would like to implement these safe disinfecting measures on their own. Businesses like gyms, yoga studios, spas, clinics, restaurants, theatres, retail stores, wineries, public amenities, hotels, daycares, and any indoor entertainment, could benefit from our services. Vacation Rentals (like air bnb’s) may see the value in this efficient, 360 degree coverage for their short term rental units for inbetween guest stays.

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